March 2021

Meeting minutes will be posted here.
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March 2021

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Updated minutes from February 2021 approved –Paul M. 1st John W. 2nd– passed unanimously.

Officer Attendees
• Jeff Cox, Paul McFall, Mark Pilson, John Ward, John Brown, Ted Visscher, Eric Anderson, Ryan Jarrard, Greg Miller

Treasurer report
• Bristol paving is paid
• Various supplies purchased for National Solo event
• Championship jackets are paid for
• No current credit card balance
• Report approved Mark P. 1st, John B. 2nd. Approved unanimously.

Rally X Report
• 1st event got canceled
• Still need stickers, probably have to go with larger sticker
• May need to buy some things for the National Rallyx event
• Radios previously approved have not been purchased

Solo Report
• Motion to give Laura and Carl Peters a free event for trailer and van storage 1st John B. 2nd Ted. V, approved
• Grant applied for to assist with paving cost, still waiting for response from national

Hillclimb Report
• Basics of the event shared at the board meeting

Misc New Business
• 2019 taxes accidentally not filed. Extension filed with SCCA to keep our charter.
Motion to adjourn,1st Eric , 2nd John W. approved.

Items passed online in March, after board meeting
• Approved $50 to file 2019 taxes that hadn’t been handled yet
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