Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

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Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

Post by IdahoFZ »

I'm new to Solo/Autocross and am planning on doing the event in Bristol on Saturday April 17th. I do track days regularly on a motorcycle for fun (I'm not really competitive, I just do it for the love of riding), but have never done one in a car. I have several questions still, even after looking through FAQ's, beginner checklist, etc. on the ETRSCCA website. Anyway, here's my questions below! Thanks in advance for the help, I'm really excited about doing the event and learning from everyone.

1) Car Class - I just bought a 2008 Porsche Boxster S RS 60 Spyder with a manual! It's a factory option package that included larger diameter 19 inch wheels (not any wider though, unfortunately), a slight 15 mm offset for a wider stance, some cosmetic stuff like a slight lip on the front bumper (no actual aero benefit), and the factory sport exhaust. It reportedly was factory tuned with the sport exhaust for an additional paltry 6-7 horsepower or something silly like that. I looked it up in the rules, and a normal '08 Boxster S is supposed to be in the BS class. Does this still apply to my car? Again all of these mods are from the factory, there's nothing aftermarket on it.

2) Running a convertible: do have I have to do the runs with the top up or can I have it down? Do I need any roll cage modifications to run in my class with a convertible?

2) Multiple Drivers in one car? My Dad will be visiting and wants to come for the event. I'd love to have him drive as well. Is that allowed? Does he need to register as well then? I'm just trying to get a feel for this, so I'm not terribly concerned about my times and competing quite yet. Can we just take turns driving, or if he registers do we both have to make our own runs all day?

3) How many runs do you typically get in one day?

4) Spectators as passengers - My family will probably come with me as well, and I wanted to know if I can have a passenger ride along with me as long as they sign the required waiver? My kids would probably be interested in riding (ages 12, 10, 8), and my brother as well. I wasn't sure if this is allowed or not.

5) How long does the event typically last?

Thanks again for your help!
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Re: Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

Post by jcox07 »

The event on Saturday is a autocross school and not a regular autocross, but you will get more seat time at the school and some good instruction from the instructors. As long as it is a family member they can ride along once they sign the waiver. This is typically a school to learn and improve on your driving skills and we will start about 9am and go till about 3 to 4 pm. No numbers or class will be required for the school. You can run with the top down or up and anyone that drives has to register and pay in advance for the school and you can have more than one driver drive the car as long as both do their work assignment when you are not driving. I would guess between 12 to 18 runs depending on if the day goes smooth. JY
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Re: Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

Post by RxCritical »

As an add on to Jeff's answer, the regular event is the next day on Sunday.
Answers for the regular event:
1: I'm pretty sure with a factory option you are still good for BS. I would recommend you sign up in the Novice pax class if you have never autocrossed before.
2a. top down, no roll cage for stock cars.
2b. You can typically have a co driver in your car, he will need to register also and use the 100 add on to your number. Example if you registered for BS #34 then he would be BS #134. So you would each have your own runs but would run at the same time.
3. anywhere from 4 to 7 typically
4. You can have passengers as ride alongs, they would need to sign the appropriate waivers also. I think there is a height and/or weight requirement for children and all the guardian adults would need to sign the child waiver (ie both parents)
5. You probably want to show up around 8 at the latest to get your car tech inspected, finish registration and walk the course at least 3 times. We try to get runs started around 1030 to 1100 at the latest but this next event may be a little harder for us to start. With 2-3 run groups we typically finish around 4ish plus or minus a hour depending on how the event unfolded. Remember all drivers will be doing a work assignment during one of the run groups they are not running.

Hope to see you there!
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Re: Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

Post by IdahoFZ »

Thanks so much for the quick replies! I'm really excited about coming, it sounds like a great time.

I did have a little trouble trying to register for the event. It kept asking for my class, and when I chose Novice I asked me to choose a PAX class. I chose BS, and then it stated that I "couldn't choose this non-indexed class". I tried registering in the BS class instead, but it still gave the same error message. I sent help messages, but just haven't heard back yet. Hopefully it gets sorted out by Monday.
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Re: Newbie Questions - Bristol Event April 17th

Post by ConeEater »

To add to this.

As long as the wheels are the original OEM wheels, they are good for 'street' classes like BS. If they were an optional wheel that had no other items tied to the option, you can run them, but if they were part of a package, the entire pacakge needs to be there in order to run them. Otherwise a wheel that is over 1/4 change in offest ( 6mm I think ) bumps you to an ST class ( STR I THINK is applicable for the Boxsters but I could be wrong ).

Also - I've been a novice instructor for a few regions and this is the advice I give to all the new people.

On your 1st run.. don't take out passengers. 1) You ultimately aren'y focused on the course, but more either 'wanting to look good' for that passenger or they distract you and 2) if you are not focused you can have a bad experience.

Either go alone or get an instructor to ride along if it's allowed. With Covid restrictions that might not be possible yet. If they see you out there struggling, they WILL ask you if you know where you're getting lost and so on. Don't dismiss it and do NOT feel embarrassed about getting lost out there. We all started out as a new person at some point and have been there.
We want you to have fun and come back, not make you feel bad. This sport is addicting and you can go as relaxed or competitive as you want.

Ask questions and make sure people know you're a 1st timer as well, so when you're checking in for your work assignment they don't put you somewhere without someone that knows what's going on.
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