Event 9

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Event 9

Post by jcox07 »

What a great day for autocross, the weather was awesome and thank you to everyone who helped with this event. Good job all!
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Re: Event 9

Post by EliseAutoXr »

Agreed, great everything. Thanks everyone!
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Re: Event 9

Post by eunos735 »

Loved the course, loved the weather, loved seeing everyone.

Only observation:

I have done 4 local events this year.

In all but one event, our work assignments were over 2 hours.

I'm not sure if there is an answer. But I have polled members from 4 other regions in a group chat and their work assignments seem to average around an hour to an hour and a half.

This could be a byproduct of the fact that I think there were only 2 run groups in all but 1 events I attended.

Not a complaint, just an observation, not sure if there is an operational answer, just an observation.
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Re: Event 9

Post by steverife »

I know that at least some of the chairs target an hour and a half.

I think the event Sunday was pretty efficient. Reruns didn't seem bad. We had a longer gap between runs than I think we target and probably should have done 5 runs as a result (from a course worker perspective). It was a beautiful day and we finished at 3, so I can't criticize getting that extra run.

I think we are frequently at that tweener spot as far as attendance where 2 heats are too big, but 3 heats are too small. If we can get to 3 heats, we can cut out the long break, too.
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