Need a new sound control chief

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Need a new sound control chief

Post by TedV » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:35 am

I had planned to make all the local events this year. Life still has other plans. Someone who can make events and setup the meter when needed, is needed. The hardest part of the job is reading the class and numbers of cars on course of drivers who think the rules on letter-number sizing and contrasting color is a bunch of BS. Second hardest is picking the spot to put the meter.

Generally, there is no requirement to run for cones. You would set up the meter during morning course walk time, get clipboard with grid sheets printed out, work the meter during your work group calling in any over sound cars for event chief and grid workers to chat with the driver, make sure whoever works sound meter on other run groups understands how to work the station, make sure meter and stand get put up safe and secure after the event. If the chance of rain is too high, we usually don’t put out the meter. Some event sites don’t have sound restrictions and the meter gets set up just in case a loud car pops up. Meter gets set to Max Hold and a worker can run out to check the reading. Working the meter does take a little bit ability to multitask quickly. Watching the read out on meter, figuring out car class and number, writing down sound lever and calling in the offenders.

Thanks! I’m really sorry I can’t make events. :( :cry:
Ted V.
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