2019 ETR Novice Program

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2019 ETR Novice Program

Post by steverife » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:07 am

For the 2019 Solo Season, ETR will be offering a new reworked novice program. Effective immediately.

Novice Walks - Before each event our Novice Chiefs will hold several quick sessions with groups of novices to introduce them to the sport and walk the course.
Novice Instruction - Each novice will be assigned an instructor. The instructor will be available to answer questions, ride along, and offer general instruction and assistance.
Novice Classing - You will be simply classed as "Novice". You don't have to worry about your SCCA classing immediately. We will help you with that in your first few events.
Novice Scoring - Your times will be scored as "Time Only". You will get recorded times, but our emphasis is on getting you familiar with the sport and comfortable at events. Of course you can still compare times, but our emphasis will not be on competition.
Novice Awards - We know you like winning awards and we like seeing you show them off and promote our club. Instead of simply awarding trophies to our top few raw or index times, our novice instructor team and event chair will give awards at their discretion. It may be fastest time, it may be biggest improvement from first run, it may be best attitude, it may be a hard luck award.

We are offering this for your first 3 events and then you will "graduate" to your SCCA classing. Running in the Novice class is, of course, optional, however we highly recommend choosing to take advantage of this. Since this is a new concept, anyone that would classify themselves as novice can take advantage of our program for their next 3 events, if desired.
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Re: 2019 ETR Novice Program

Post by ConeEater » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:32 pm

Very cool
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