East Town Mall

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Re: East Town Mall

Post by eunos735 »

With it being an income producing property that is producing no income.

It would appraise for well less than that now.

I would imagine that FMV would be in the $3-6mm range
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Re: East Town Mall

Post by timray »

I'd go 900k. Be cool to have a mall/dedicated auto x site. 😄
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Re: East Town Mall

Post by dewittpayne »

Since they tore down the Sears part of the Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport, it's possible that there could be enough parking lot available on a Sunday for an event there. There are secondary areas with lousy paving that could be used for paddock and grid. The pavement on the main lot looks to be in good shape. I don't have an interest in pursuing this myself, but I though I'd throw it out there.
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