April 14 Event

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Re: April 14 Event

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eunos735 wrote:I would love to come....but the Indy Region is putting on a two day event at the Peru site the 13th and 14th. Saturday they are calling it a "dragcross" it just a local version of a pro solo and Sunday they are doing a regular event. I feel like I need more runs on concrete and I think it's worth the few extra miles to get to run on grippy concrete for two days. You all be safe and have fun.
Very well then.Recheck caster and go at it.
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Re: April 14 Event

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Well after this past weekend's 1st runs with the new setup, I'm really glad this weekend is coming up.

Looks like really nice weather too.

weekend #2 of 5 back to back weekends of autocrossing.
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Re: April 14 Event

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Well I had some issues with the car that prevented me from going to Peru. So I have the car fixed, loaded on the trailer and I plan on coming up and running with you all tomorrow morning......if you'll have me :)
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