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Questions about Rallyx

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My son(19) and I are interested in trying RallyCross. We have an old 2008 WRX that we have been learning to work on as a project for this. I have read through all of the materials, but I still have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer. If it would be better, I'm also happy to post them in the forum.

1. We haven't installed a new exhaust in the car, and the old one has broken off at the y-pipe past the muffler. I didn't see anything mentioned about that being a problem for the tech inspection, but I wanted to confirm that.

2. Can we both register and race the one car, or do we need two cars to compete?

3. I'm still unclear about the class for the car. It's all-wheel drive, and we will be running all-session tires. It looks like the previous owner added a cheap aftermarket intake filter and blowoff valve. We have replaced the struts with OEM struts, the brakes with Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brakes kit(the new rotors and calipers being the concern), and have added soft mud flaps and a skid plate. I'm not sure if the brakes will push it up to the Prepared class.

We are hoping to make it Saturday, but in the worst case, we plan to be at the next one!

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Re: Questions about Rallyx

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Hey, there! Happy you hear you're interested!
1. I don't think the tail pipe will cause any problems.
2. You can both drive the same car! You guys just have to change the numbers on the side.
3. I don't run in the AWD stock class, but that's what it sounds like. You can always change the class you're in later. Just have fun at you first event!
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