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Car Rental for February 21st Rally Cross

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:22 am
by marcbrun
Hi, new to the board. Looking at getting started at the February 21st event with my son. He has his learner's permit. I think I saw it mentioned that their would car rentals available. Do anyone know who will will be offering them and on what kind of terms? Also, would my son be able to drive it with me in the car?

Thanks, excited to be at our first one on the 21st.


Re: Car Rental for February 20th Rally Cross

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 7:26 am
by SeanDrives4Fun
Sometimes we do have rentals available, my Miata "Sarge" one of the most frequent. I charge $50 and event and limit it to one driver, this year but i would make an exception for you two at least for the 1st event if your interested. This is often the fastest two wheel drive car, but its not easy to drive. a few of my friends don't like it at all lol. Welded Diff lends itself to a sweeping loose kind of driving experience vs a tight line type of driving style.
Its first come first serve, and paypal holds your spot.

Please note our event is on Sat the 20th.
you can text me at 865 458-4567 and i strongly suggest you find "etrscca rallycross" and "RallyCrossKnox" on fb as that is where we live. you will see 100s of photos of Sarge and his friends.

-Sean McDonald
ETRSCCARallyCross Co-Chair