Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Gen52SS »

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving....spending time with family.....NOT SHOPPING!!!!
Paul Breitweiser
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by integra55 »

no shopping for me … today OR TOMORROW

happy Thanksgiving everyone …

if traveling … stay safe
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walter jones
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by MARKP »

Happy Thanksgiving. Might hit some Black Friday stuff but I'm opposed to all this open on Thanksgiving crap.

Sent from the Galaxy.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by TedV »

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :eating: :eating: :eating:

No shopping planned here other than hoping to drop the 98 Jetta Deerslayer off at the body shop. Enjoying Thurday and Friday are gonna happen before the last bits of work on the slayer happen, soooo, the body shop drop off might not happen. :mrgreen: :? :lol:
Ted V.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by EliseAutoXr »

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! See you more next year!
Bradley Allen
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Teufelshund »

Happy Thanksgiving and here's to sending your significant other after anything that just HAS to be purchased tonight or tomorrow... :D
Brian Robbins
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by John_Kernodle »

John P. Kernodle
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by steverife »

Trying my hand at this shopping thing a bit tonight. Working tomorrow and the weekend...
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Les »

Happy T Day.
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