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Need help finding one-year Maryville housing for NC State Mechanical Engineering student

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:36 pm
by djrogers1
Hey, guys, I need some help fairly soon.

A nice young kid who goes to my brother's church in Greenville, SC has landed a one-year internship at the Danso plant in Maryville. He begins work once school is out in May. He is a rising junior in Mechanical Engineering and wants to work in the auto industry. Sounds like our kinda guy, right?

He has looked at apartments, but the rent will almost eat up all the money Danso will be paying him. He's looking for someone nice, like you guys, who has a room to rent out for a reasonable price.

His name is Caleb Fleming. If you are interested in discussing this with him, his contact info is:

email -
phone - 864-609-7598