FS 2000 Mazda Miata with spares and extras

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FS 2000 Mazda Miata with spares and extras

Post by JohnSmith » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Now parting out all performance pieces.

So I’ve decided it is time to move on from my Miata. What I have is a 2000 Miata with about 100k miles on the chassis and engine and a lot of extras and spare parts. This is a car that I bought in the bay area in California in 2013 with the intent of racing in STR class in SCCA autocross In the spring of 2015 I moved it to TN. The car is rust free. The car trophied at the Bristol Match Tour last year and easily won the local STR class for the season. After the Bristol Match Tour several upgrades were done to the car which made it faster.

The car:
Gen 2 Xida single adjustable coilovers with tender springs and bearing mount tops
full delrin bushings all around (they make zero noise)
Speedway Engineering bladed sway bar in bearing mounts
Front upper control arms with offset delrin bushings positioned to raise the front roll center
Extended front ball joints
6 speed transmission
3.9 torsen rear end
Fresh clutch, clutch bearings, and hydraulics in 2016
Polyurethane differential mounts
Megasquirt MS3x that is wired in and runs off the MAF sensor to be STR legal
Roadster sport 2.5” exhaust with high flow cat and optional extra tip baffle
Urethane exhaust hangers
All engine seals done since owning the car
10% underdrive pulley for alternator
Aluminum water pump pulley
Wideband O2 sensor
New timing belt and water pump in 2013
Other Items
Power steering with delrin mounts
ARP wheel studs and 949 Racing aluminum wheel lugs
Rebuilt calipers
9 pound Yuasa battery
AC in good working condition
Flat rolled fenders that fit 225/45/r15 fronts and up to 255/40R17 rear
Stainless braided brake lines
3 and 5mm wheel spacers
The car has been corner balanced
Passenger seat is mounted to the floor and foam trimmed to hit the 25lb minimum for the class

The extras and spare parts:
5 speed transmission
4.3 rear differential
Factory diff mounts
Spare rear axle, probably needs to be rebuilt
OEM Shocks and springs
OEM sway bars
Two front upper control arms with non-offset delrin bushings
Parts to use the Xida shocks with OEM upper mounts instead of the bearing mounts
3 spare upper ball joint boots
2 spare OEM lower ball joints in good condition
1 Upper control arm mounting bolt
Flyin Miata front shock tower brace
Full set of polyurethane bushings
Weld on tabs for the front sway bar end link mounts
Left and right rear uprights with hubs
5X racing adjustable timing wheel for +-6 degrees of timing (not STR legal)
Aluminum underdrive crank pulley
Aluminum alternator pulley (non-underdrive)
Factory alternator pulley
Racing Beat 4-1 header with extra O2 bung welded in
Extended length urethane exhaust hangers
New in box crank position sensor
Spare ignition coils
Factory air intake setup with new in box air filter
4 Kosei K6R wheels (16x7.5”) with Continental DWS 06 tires (205 wide, great condition)
2 949 Racing 6UL wheels in 17x9 size with Kuhmo V720 245/40R17 tires (half tread depth remaining, but past their prime)
2 17x9 wheels with no tires
4 OEM 14” wheels with tires that are old
4 Advanti Storm S1 15x9 wheels (2 with no tires, 2 with Kuhmo V720 that are starting to delaminate, one needs some touch up work as it has rubbed a control arm)
3 spare sets of lug nuts
1 set of OEM wheel studs
Other Items
Manual NB steering rack (these are very rare and expensive)
OEM rubber steering rack mounts
Front fog lights and brackets you can reinstall
Front license plate bracket
Full size battery
Small tupperware OEM body kit
Flying Miata repair book
Flying Miata crank holder tool
Flying Miata front crank seal installation tool
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Re: FS 2000 Mazda Miata with spares and extras

Post by JohnSmith » Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:37 am

Now parting out performance pieces
83 AS 2008 Corvette Z06
31 STR Miata
RIP: 13 ASP 2002 911
RIP: 13 ST 1991 Saab 900

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