OE Ford Subframe Conn. (universal mounting possibilities)

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OE Ford Subframe Conn. (universal mounting possibilities)

Post by TonyBolton » Wed May 03, 2006 5:22 am

These came off a 99 V6 Convertable Mustang. Not the greatest out there, but if you need SOMETHING, this would be a good fix if you weld them on the car, and not use the 8 bolts that Ford used to secure them.(Or use the bolts and still be ESP legal)

I may hang on to them and use'm as pry-bar's or big ratchet extension handles(they are square tubing, open on each end).

If someone needs them more than me, I guess 10$ will get'em gone.

These are just big/long pieces of metal, could be used for universal applications if the user is so inclined.

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