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Registration Deadline

Post by disneyd » Sat Apr 30, 2005 5:11 pm

I've had a few people complain about registration "closing early" so I thought I'd explain how it works.

Because of the way is set up, registration has to close at midnight.

If I set the deadline for midnight on Saturday night, that means I have to download the registrations and import them to the laptop the morning of the actual autocross, which isn't very convenient.

So, I set registration to close at midnight on Friday night. That way I have all day Saturday to get it downloaded and imported to the laptop... and if myautoevents is down (which happens), I have a day for them to get it running again. If its down Sunday morning when I try to download the registrations, we're all screwed.

So, to reiterate, registration closes at midnight on Friday night... always has.

If you are iffy about being able to make it to an event, so ahead and register early anyway. Its better to have you in the system and a few extra no-shows won't cause any problems.
- Dave Disney