November 2021

Meeting minutes will be posted here.
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November 2021

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October minutes approved online

Officer Attendees
• Paul McFall, Mark Pilson, Ryan Jarrard, Jeff Cox, Greg Miller, Eric Anderson, John Brown, Ted Visscher, Randy Adkins

Treasurer report
• Bank balances reviewed.
• Eric has found a CPA to do our taxes.
• 1st – John Brown , 2nd – Ted Visscher, approved

Rally X Report
• Have new cones for RallyX
• 2 events remaining this year
• Recent turnouts have been low.
• Discussion about having a meeting with property owner about site and equipment

Solo Report
• Cones should be good for 2022
• Trying to find a place for banquet – staffing is an issue for most venues, potential 2nd Saturday in January
• Preliminary Bristol dates are approved
• Waiting for baseball schedule for Smokies

Hillclimb Report
• Nothing new to report

Misc New Business
• Motion for online voting 1st Ryan, 2nd Ted, approved
• Nominations for board, John Ward, Greg Miller, Joe Henslee, John Brown, Ryan Jarrard, Paul McFall, Ted Visscher
• Nomination for Treasurer – Eric Anderson
• Nomination for Secretary – Mark Pilson
• Nomination for RE – Jeff Cox
• Nomination for Asst RE – none
• Discussion about putting ETR board meeting online

Motion to adjourn, 1st - Ryan Jarrard , 2nd – Paul McFall , approved
Mark Pilson
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