April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be posted here.
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April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

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ETR Board Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 3/23 minutes, 1st - John B , 2nd - Paul McFall, Approved

Officer Attendees
• Paul McFall, Mark Pilson, Jeff Cox, John Ward, Scott Boito, Trae Larkin, Jamie Parton, Jim Thomas, John Brown, Ryan Jarrard

Treasurer report
• bank balances reviewed
• Detailed finances discussed where costs and profits came from.
• Approval 1st – John B, 2nd – Mark P, Approved

Rally X Report
• No report

Solo Report
• Jeff looked at putting an electric jack on the trailer but will require some fabrication to make it all work
• Motion to approve $2500 for new timing system including 10” tall display 1st – JB, 2nd John W, Approved
• Motion to approve $4500 for 400 new cones. 1st – Paul, 2nd JB, approved
• Highlands SSC to get 200 of those cones and to reimburse us for half the expense
• Discussion about upcoming Smokies event and double national event
• Mopar event is finalized, discussion about bringing in a food truck, waiting for approval from Bristol
• Discussion on putting cash option back on MSR and about the $2 fee that MSR is now adding on entrants

Hillclimb Report
• Basic updates on how the event is coming along

Road Race
• No pavement yet at Flatrock
• No response from them on fees

Misc New Business
• Motion to Adjourn 1st - Mark, 2nd – JB, Approved

Items passed online in April, after board meeting:
• Motion to adjust approval on timing system to $3000. 1st – Jeff, 2nd – Jamie Approved 4/8/23
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