Flat Rock USA to replace OR Motorsports Park

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Re: Flat Rock USA to replace OR Motorsports Park

Post by Scoob »

Yeah, they had/have high hopes about being an exclusive club with a track but I think they've seen the market for that wasn't as big as needed to sustain the venture. One of the HDPE groups had something scheduled for early fall. Not sure of that status since prep took significantly longer than planned and paving just started.
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Re: Flat Rock USA to replace OR Motorsports Park

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I know several organizations have been talking to them, SCCA being one. I have heard AMP was initially supposed to be high-end only and they had to scale back to get the participation needed. Maybe we will see Flat Rock do the same. I think the super high end is still their current target.
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Re: Flat Rock USA to replace OR Motorsports Park

Post by SteveH27 »

The Southeast Division of NASA already has dates booked at Flatrock. So expect they will have dates available for other organizations.

Remember too that they will ultimately have two tracks. A club track for member use and a "pro" track for use by other organizations like NASA, SCCA and trackday operators. The pro track is designed and built to FIA standards and is intended to be able to support Pro series like IMSA.

We should have no problem getting dates. The real question at this point is cost.
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Re: Flat Rock USA to replace OR Motorsports Park

Post by thrdeye »

Yeah Flatrock could really do a much better job about the PR around the "club". It's obvious that track day orgs and sanctioning bodies will have some level of access. It probably won't be cheap track time, but it will happen. My guess is 2 weekends per month may be exclusive to members...something like that. But the others will be for other orgs.

Yet, on every social posts all the comments are from people saying "this is only for rich people", and Flatrock does 0 to try to respond and clear that up, which I find puzzling.
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