4 garage bays, comes with attached family/pet friendly living area.

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4 garage bays, comes with attached family/pet friendly living area.

Post by Wheelman_13 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:03 pm

Selling my old house. Figure some gearhead might be interested. As on the book of faces:

4 garage bays and ample driveway in west Knoxville, comes with family/pet friendly living quarters
Knoxville, TN
The important stuff, because cars:
Bay 1: Basement ~14 x 20 oversize one-car bay, VERY well lit with four modern 4-foot T8 florescent fixtures and two 2-bulb T12 fixtures. Adjacent laundry room (or assembly clean-room) has utility sink and plenty of room for large compressor (or storage). I've done engine-out work in here before other additions.
Bay 2: Attached/adjacent - large enough to park a compact car (measured for a bug-eye WRX that I had handy), has lights and electric. This is probably your machine shop/welding bay, or wood shop so as not to get sawdust on your paint.
Bays 3 & 4: Detached 24x24 garage has two windows, two bay doors, side-entry person door, 9+' ceilings and and no center posts. Currently no electrical. I've been estimated ~$1500 to install meter/panel/nominal lighting and outlets.
Listing here:
https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1001 ... iew=public
Richard Graves
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