2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

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2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by thrdeye »

2013 ETRSCCA SOLO Committee Debrief

We had a great meeting on Tuesday night and I have no doubt that the 2013 SOLO Season will be one of the best ever.

We also had a good number of folks show up with interest in taking on a bit more responsibility or chairing an event in 2013.


The role of the chief for each area is to recruit help as necessary to facilitate running events so that key positions are covered. This will allow event chairs a pool of core workers to pull from. For 2013, your solo chiefs are:

Registration - Jon Coatney
Other Registration Workers - Jordi Dunn, David Black, Chris Harp, Isaac Cogdill

Timing - David Disney
Other Timing Workers - James Cathers, Jim Simmons, Mike Kelley, Bradley Allen, Chris Harp, Gary Mitchell

Grid - John Brown
Other Grid Workers -

Workers - Steve Rife, Marcus Luttrell
Corner Cheifs - Pending

Waviers - Lin Raby

Course - John Brown, Mark Pilson, Robert Carpenter

Transportation (Van/Trailer) - JY Cox

Supplies and Equipment - JY Cox, Scott Gibson, Aaron Carroll

Sound - Ted Visscher

Safety - Scott Gibson
Other Safety Stewards - Dave Disney, Dave Yoder, Ryan Jarrard, William Davis


We also may have the opportunity to run at a bit more of a variety of sites next year. There will be PSTCC and very likely we will have charity events at ADESA, Bristol, and Chilhowee.

But Oak Ridge Mall may be back on the table with an expanded offering. I'm going to be making contact on this very soon.

Another site may be available to us in Morristown. We are still working out the details on this one to see if it is actually suitable.

There may also be the opportunity to run in Blount Co. again at what would be a very nice facility.


A Kart discussion regarding their eligibility to run at PSTCC was had during the meeting. There will be further discussions on the matter with our safety team, course team, and kart drivers. Expect this to happen somtime after the new year.


We still have some projects to wrap up with regard to our new trailer. It needs paint, wiring/power, decals, and further organization of gear. A weekend will be scheduled to finish it up and someone will post when that date is finalized so that you can volunteer to help :-)

There will likely be an AxWare training session before the season so that anyone that is interested in registration or timing can learn to do these jobs.


We have a schedule together, it will be posted soon for the SOLO Committee to review and then officially posted once the national schedule (and UT Footballs) comes out. It will be a full season, just like last year, with 12+ events. We hope to do three chairty/special events just like last season.

Our first event is scheduled for March 10th and we do not expect this date to change. John Brown is the event chair and most likely this will take place at PSTCC

If anyone has something to add, any questions, or has located all of my beer, please post up.
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Re: 2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by John Brown »

Good info Chris!
Great turnouot for the meeting.. and if we get a couple more sites.. Im sure we will draw from surrounding regions as well..
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Re: 2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by RxCritical »

I talked to Blount County about their course. It was a no go. :(
Even talking the Teen Street Survival school. They said it was for Law enforcement only.
Sorry. I tried. :(
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Re: 2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by Oberstwill »

Hopefully I will hear back about the "Street Survival" soon. I left a message at HQ about it.

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Re: 2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by jcford80 »

I help run Chatt's Street Survival Schools setting up the obstacles and shagging cones. I hope to become an instructor in the near future. If we get the program started at ETR I'll do whatever I can to help out.

On a side note, if you'd like to donate to the TRSSS and possibly win a BMW M Sport I just found this link https://sponsorshipdrive.org/
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Re: 2013 SOLO Season (debrief from meeting)

Post by ConeEater »

Glad to ehar that your season's broad strokes are starting to take shape.
Might be good to get down there in March to shake down the car after the upgrades/setup changes coming soon.

We have a penciled-in schedule but can't post about it yet.

I plan on making more events down there this year.
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